Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Channel is one stop shop where you can access videos made by Fairies Dreams & Fantasy itself, our videos are NOT on YouTube, but our own server.

Our Goal With Our Self-Hosted Channel

Become a free account-free experience for audience to consume our content we create ourselves.

Unlike uploading videos to YouTube like most traditional uploaders, we host our own videos directly on our server!

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Channel is a community-supported channel that is going to provide exclusive content that is NOT on YouTube.

Why A Self-Hosted Channel?

Is to help break monopolies, and regain control of our content what we create ourselves. Independence is key for our work to be available for anyone around the world. The poor, and the unbanked can experience our content without spending a dollar!

No paid subscriptions, and no paid content!! We will never place our content behind payment mechanisms. Only advertisers pay for ad zones on our website.

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Channel is designed like a self-hosted video blog what you want to consume without all of that junk found on YouTube!

No Sexualization Of Our Characters… EVER!

We believe sexualization of fictional characters is considered taboo because, we don’t support this trend. Only villains have these attributes.