Good-bye YouTube… Hello VPS! A Real “DeGoogled” Experience

This is a video what YouTube and Google don’t want you to see on my own website, and I discuss why hosting your own videos on your own website is better than YouTube, and other free hosting platforms. If you think YouTube is such a bad platform; and you believe being monopolized is such a bad practice… consider choosing a virtual private server for your own videos. Reducing dependency via Google products is key to bring back your independence.

Video Description

What I am currently doing; I am eating my vegetarian pizza at night, and I am talking about why I am moving from YouTube to a virtual private server, and I am also explaining why a virtual private server is one way to have independence when hosting your own videos on your own website. I also discuss about using a VPS.

I am currently in the dark, just like I used to upload videos on YouTube. This is my strategy to keep myself partially hidden.

Uploading myb video on my website is an important thing to do as I create new content.

And unlike YouTube; there’s no AI, and there’s no byist results., and I can run my own video channel like an independent company.

This is my speech what I am recording into my computer, and I am using a frong camera to make videos.

Why Did I Intentionally Did This Project?

This is my current experiment when hosting my own videos, and protecting my independence. I can able to control my own videos like an independent artist, and I can easily ease a load on other video platforms,–without needing to fight these fraudulent harsh copyright claims, and invalid guideline strikes.

Well, this is my project is currently being implemented as a way to be “demonpolized” and become a demonpolist as a way to host my own content inhouse. Maybe this transition from uploading videos on YouTube to my own website is going to be helpful, and I can able to enjoy more freedom on my own website. It’s kind of like running a country, and It’s also kind of like migrating from a corrupt country.

If my experiment is successful, I’ll share it to my friends who wanted to do the same thing what I am doing.

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